Pushing the RESET Button on Performance Pushing the RESET Button on Performance

Companies are facing increasing external pressure from competitors and shareholders as they struggle to demonstrate growth in the face of flat or declining categories and seemingly insurmountable competition. Our Renew and Enable Success through Enterprise Transformation (RESET) capability offers a new way for management teams to push the RESET button. In doing so, they create the path to success while maintaining control over the tradeoffs required to get there.

A.T. Kearney research reveals that companies implementing unified, transformation programs have three times better performance than those with business as usual restructuring. Success is more about “hitting reset” and asking what is needed for success over the next 3-5 years rather than using a scalpel to dissect layers of corporate scar tissue.

Affordability. Typical transformation programs start with the status quo and look to reduce or improve incrementally. Such an approach leverages benchmarks for a “where can I cut?” mindset.  In contrast, RESET uses benchmarks as inspiration and constructively challenges the organization with a “what do I need?” perspective. The result puts executive teams in charge of their business decisions, rather than having their hands forced by boards or activist investors.    

Simplification. Functional improvements yield functional benefits. Reducing spans and layers in finance (or any other silo) will shave a few dollars off in the short term. To unlock breakthrough benefits, RESET expands the focus to all areas of cost, in particular at the intersection of functions. This viewpoint encourages the team to think through new ways of running the business that sustain benefits.

Thoughtful Transparency. Transformation programs are not new. Every company has multiple, often competing, efficiency improvement efforts underway. So why are results so often failing to affect the bottom line in a way that lifts shareholder value? Often it is because of a lack of consistent scorekeeping and purposeful communication of the benefits. RESET includes an overarching toolkit that consistently tracks benefits, giving executive teams a single source of truth. This allows leadership to finally determine how to successfully communicate benefits to shareholders and the analyst community at large.   

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